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Comprehensive Services

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Comprehensive Consultative Services

Primary Community Care Services completes a comprehensive care plan for all developmentally disabled patients. If you have a primary care medical provider established, PCC Services can complete this comprehensive care plan as a consultative service. If you do not have a primary care provider, you can use a PCC Services Provider while we help you get established with a primary medical care provider. See what to expect with your comprehensive care plan appointment by contacting us today.

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Medical Homes - Primary Care

Comprehensive care is an approach to medical management that includes social determinates of health considerations and places the patient at the center of care. PCC Services offers coordination of care services for patients with developmental disabilities, as well as aging and elderly populations. This means your personal care needs can be met in your community settings where patients are most comfortable.

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Transitions Planning - Developmentally Disabled Teens to Adulthood

As individuals with developmental disabilities age from teenagers to adulthood, many public and private community support services also change. These may include financial, medical, social and vocational rehabilitation.  PCC Services helps patients and parents identify expected needs and services available in your area to prepare for this transition.

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Health Education Services

Getting diagnosed with a disease can be scary, but understanding a disease diagnosis and how to prevent worsening of the diseases can help lower your risk of complications, hospitalizations and improve your quality of life. PCC Services provides health education to individuals about their personal chronic disease and what they can do to stay healthy longer!

Adult Education Course

Professional Education Services

Medical and community providers alike are working in an ever-changing world of healthcare and need updated information regarding evidence-based best practice approaches to comprehensive community healthcare. PCC Services offers educational opportunities for medical providers, social workers, case managers, therapists, nurse aides and more.

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