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Medical Homes for Elderly and Developmentally Disabled Adults

Patients at the Center of Care

Our team is committed to every patient we see, so we do everything it takes to prevent illness, manage chronic disease and address acute illnesses as quickly as possible. Our mission includes making sure access to Medical Care is as easy as possible and aligned with all aspect of health and wellness. We come to you for home medical visits within group home, independent living and assisted living settings, and provider Telehealth visits for more urgent care needs! We keep your needs at the center of care.

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Medical Team
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Preventative Care and Education

Keeping You Healthy

Our Providers educate patients, families and caregivers about illnesses and chronic diseases patients have so they be able to be more involved in their own healthcare decisions. Preventing and identifying illness as early as possible is an important step in receiving quality healthcare.

Collaborative Care Coordination

Complex Care Management

Our Providers are effective in managing disabled and elderly populations because we engage with ALL care providers across the patient's comprehensive care plan. This includes; medical care, physical and occupational therapy services, case management services, waiver programs, community services and family members.  We emphasize an approach to healthcare where all aspects of care are considered and you are at the center.

Chronic Disease Management

Avoiding Complications and Disease Progression

At Primary Community Care Services, we understand that chronic illnesses affect all aspects of a patients life. These diseases need specialized and regular monitoring to avoid further complications. We work closely with your specialist provider and ensure your treatment plan is consistent across the care continuum.

Video Consultation
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Acute Illness

Not Feeling Well? Call Us First!

We know illness do not always come on a schedule. Due to this fact, patients sometimes end up in an Urgent Care or Emergency Room for illnesses that can be treated at home. This can increase the risk of patients getting infections from these settings. When you are feeling under the weather, call us first to avoid unnecessary complications.

Patient Portal

Increased Access to Quality Healthcare

We know how frustrating it can be when you need to see an expert or get answers and none are available. We provide our Patient Portal to help our patients feel better, sooner. Try the Primary Community Care Services difference for yourself.

Full Service and Self Appointment Booking

Prioritizing Your Healthcare Needs

At Primary Community Care Services, we want to improve patient access to quality care and ensure the safety of our patients. For this reason, we have Full Service Appointment Booking to ensure you get the most appropriate appointments scheduled based off of your unique healthcare needs. We also offer self scheduling through our patient portal. Contact us to find out more.